The popular video platform experienced exponential growth, including the creation of an Entertainment Unit to produce and sell original video content.

how to scale a business

The Challenge

With the birth of Vimeo’s newly created Entertainment Unit came a need for an entirely new operations setup.


Specific elements challenging the team:

  • changing the perception of Vimeo to reflect the newly created Entertainment Unit 
  • a directive from Vimeo’s parent company, IAC, to build and scale quickly
  • lean budget compared to major competitors like Netflix and Amazon

Their operational goals included:

  • building an entirely new operations setup for the Entertainment Unit
  • setting up processes to support quick and efficient growth 
  • scaling with a lean budget
how to scale a business

The Solution

Internal and external processes were created and implemented while considering users, technology, and the core brand.


We established and maintained the following:

  • a digital content supply chain process for ingesting video content from varying technical sources
  • a business process for vetting, acquiring and ingesting videos into Vimeo at a mass scale
  • internal process for creating and launching Vimeo Original content
  • an operations team that maintained client relationships to onboard and manage content on the platform at scale
  • the integration of VHX, a newly acquired competitor, to add SVOD (subscription on demand services) to Vimeo’s offering
operations workflow

Real Outcomes

  • Ingested and launched over 40,000 VODs on the platform within months 
  • Worked with major motion picture studios to bring high-profile television content to the web across the globe for the first time in the industry
  • Managed the successful production and launch of multiple Vimeo Originals, including the acclaimed series High Maintenance 
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As the video universe continues to unbundle, Vimeo offers the ideal home for the next generation of premium video channels serving passionate global audiences
— Todd Spangler, Variety