The Broad

A startup social space for female entrepreneurs and creatives to work, gather, learn and inspire each other.

operational excellence

The Challenge

A single founder was working to open a new social space while juggling all aspects of the business and its launch.


Specific elements challenging The Broad:

  • single founder juggling all aspects of launch
  • splitting time between major startup needs and acquiring new members
  • little operational standards in place
  • a tight 2 month deadline before launch
  • limited budget

Their operational goals included:

  • creating process standards for contracts 
  • putting on-boarding procedures in place for new partners and interns 
  • establishing organized systems for a successful launch
operational excellence

The Solution

Taking this challenge head-on, we covered a lot of ground in a minimal amount of time.


We created the following operational processes:

  • a hiring plan for key business areas with action items
  • an operational task management system to better view launch status
  • a plan to delegate tasks to a scaling team
  • a system to ensure all legal business requirements were met before launch
  • a report of key revenue streams with steps to pursue each
  • a roadmap for key financial obligations to ensure nothing slipped through the cracks
  • a competitor research report
  • guidelines for membership contracts, policies and pricing


how to grow a business

Real Outcomes

  • Successful on-time and on-budget launch in February 2018 
  • Exceeded membership launch goals 
  • Set up the foundation for The Broad to expand to additional space within months
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I can’t speak enough to how incredibly effective Vayas was at every point. The professionalism, efficiency, and detail provided was beyond expectation. Maria is not a consultant but a partner and her involvement was integral to the success of my new business and our launch.
— Ali Greenberg, Founder of The Broad