A tech startup allowing publishers to create device optimized websites, raising $11 million in venture capital before being acquired by Beanstock Media.

business processes

The Challenge

An important upgrade to OnSwipe's technology had affected hundreds of existing clients. They needed a delicate process to help them make a difficult transition. 


Specific elements challenging their team:

  • helping hundreds of clients migrate to a new system
  • communicating the change to clients and partners
  • ensuring the technology was flawless during migration
  • migrating data as quickly as possible

Their operational goals:

  • keep their robust portfolio of notable media clients
  • create deadlines and success metrics 
  • maintain status and reputation in the tech industry
business processes

The Solution

Both internal and external processes needed to be created and carefully implemented to maintain the technology, the brand and the team.


We developed the following operational processes:

  • a detailed, scalable migration plan for the team internally
  • a roadmap with synced timelines and responsibilities for engineering, product and account managers 
  • an external communication plan to partners about the technology change
  • specific, measurable goals for migration success
  • a bug tracking system for solutions engineers to identify, resolve and escalate crucial platform issues
improving operations

Real Outcomes

  • raised $11 million dollars, led by notable VC, Spark Capital

  • acquisition by Beanstock Media

There’s a ton of momentum behind this company, and it’s easy to see why. OnSwipe’s app-like experiences can be created once by people with no technical skills whatsoever.
— Alyson Shontell, Business Insider