Vayas means to go. Our goal is to help our clients move forward on a clear  and sustainable path.


We know from experience that operational excellence is a major key to success. Regardless of whether you are a small company, a brand new startup, or a rapidly expanding corporation, organizing your internal processes and increasing efficiency is paramount to long-term growth.

operations consulting
operations consulting

Not your typical Consultant

Relatable, honest, and down to get our hands dirty.

At Vayas, we are more than just creators of an organized action plan. We know first hand that the plan is only valuable as its implementation, so we will stay the course right alongside you. We can support your team with each obstacle as it comes your way, providing advice and helping pivot when necessary. We know even the best plans often change and we will be there to help you make those important decisions so you keep on the path toward your goals.


The face of Vayas—

Maria Pahuja


Maria is an operations executive with an acute passion for the nitty gritty details that improve how companies operate.

Prior to founding Vayas, Maria worked in the operational trenches of several tech companies and startups including 5min Media and Onswipe - two startups backed by Spark Capital – the same team that invested in Twitter, Tumblr, Wayfair and Oculus. In both roles, she led the structuring of systems and processes that scaled the businesses exponentially, leading to their profitable exits.

Most recently, she headed operations at Vimeo where she focused on setting up a supply chain system for the entertainment unit. Before pursuing her passion of operations and helping businesses scale and succeed, Maria spent several years as a publicist in the magazine industry at Condé Nast’s SELF, Bon Appetit,, and Rodale’s Women’s Health Magazine and Prevention.   

operations consulting

At Vayas, Maria’s goal is to help businesses reach theirs. Her experience with and passion for operations is evident in her energetic approach to solving problems. In addition to working one on one with clients, Maria also speaks regularly at business conferences and workshops about operational excellence.