5min Media

A video startup that grew to reach 160 million unique views per month leading to a $65 million acquisition.

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The Challenge

While 5min had a great idea and a few well-known clients, they struggled with a key aspects of their operations. 


Specific elements challenging the team:

  • overwhelming growth from a $13 million dollar investment from Spark Capital
  • minimal to no internal structure
  • no contract execution efficiency or standards
  • no onboarding process

Their operational goals included:

  • remain an agile tech company
  • continue delivering consistent, reliable results to their clients
  • scale quickly and efficiently
  • hire and train new employees quickly
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The Solution

Vayas built an entire operational process from the ground up, from the day to day reporting to signing on new clients.


We developed the following operational processes:

  • an internal structure for reporting, database management, and processes
  • a task management and reporting system for all departments and the executive team
  • account management guidelines, best practices and documentation to streamline communication with clients
  • an operations workflow for contracts and delegated ownership of each step in the process
  • a process for tracking, evaluating and plotting product requests on the company engineering roadmap
  • a process for tracking tech bugs
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Real Outcomes

  • Effective growth, leading to a $65 million acquisition by AOL (now Verizon) 
  • Increased streaming, rising their status to #2 in online video consumption
  • Securing and successfully executing branded video campaigns for P&G, J&J and Unilever
  • Effective scaling of the video platform to over 900 domains
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Startup 5min Media’s video platform is serving up over 100 million views per month, and is the leading provider of online video in seven niche verticals.
— Nick Saint, Business Insider